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Saturday, April 08, 2006

One of the reasons...

...that The Bog is such a peaceful place is that we treat our older folks with respect and cherish their wisdom. In fact, since they are chiefly and largely Demoratic, we appoint them to the Bloggish House of Rappreservattives.

This way they feel useful, have a paying job with medical care and we can keep an eye on them so they don't do mischief. Also, they have all of that healthful exercise doin the hip-hop schtick.

Al Vin - our Chief of Security and head of Immigration overheard and recorded this conversation whilst patrolling the corridors of the Upper House. I have transcribed the conversation, and Al Vin put up and included the transcription with this note. Al Vin is a sensitive and talented artiste, as can be seen in the accompanying panel.

I have personally declassified the transcript because there is an anti frog movement taking shape. And I want those people involved to see that the bog is free and justly governered. So shame on them. Shame! Shame!

But it's not that way on the outside! At least, I think not. Only yesterday there were some folks here that are part of an MSM news team. They were trying to hire some of our tadpoles to dress bloggishly and attend a Polo Match. Had something to do with some sort of invisible cameras and people saying ugly things about those of us of a greenish hue.

I just don't understand...

Yours for justice in a sinnical world,



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