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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I just discovered...

...Fred Reed. I will be visiting his site regularly. The way he writes, he should knot everbody's whitey-tighties about once every 3 months.

"For decades, the major media have had near-control of the news and the culture. If an event didn’t appear on the networks, it hadn’t happened. The paleos apparently do not realize that they have lost that control—that when they refuse to give play to a call for extermination, their refusal no longer kills the story. Kambon’s call for my children’s liquidation surged across the nation, copy after copy, including video clips.

Wake up, Rupert, baby. For the intelligent, the media are no longer primary. Few any longer regard them as other than advocacy lashups for certain groups. Why bother?

There is, I think, nothing the paleos can do to change this. They are irremediably ideologized, insular, and trapped by demographics into a bland editorial mass-market philosophy of one-size-fits-all. The web, far more agile, can provide focused sites about anything at any intellectual level.

The looming unknown in all of this is the circulation of the net, its influence, its clout. How important, really, is the web? How do you measure the ambit of ten thousand blogs, of thousands of personal websites like Fred On Everything, of outfits with no physical existence like and The answer I think is that you don’t, really. The ghostly statistics of forwards, caches, and reposts make it difficult to determine one’s own circulation, much less that of countless other sites. This makes it hard for CBS to estimate, and easy for it to underestimate, the tidal wave it faces. I’m glad that it is their problem and not mine."




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