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Sunday, July 03, 2005

And this where...

...the learned dissertaion on 'Taping the Duck' will go. But it will not go here at 0500 Sunday morning...


This dissertation is a logical (?) outgrowth of the 3rd response (by moi) to the bit entitled... "Sometimes Silence is the best Answer". If you read this, what follows will make no less sense than if you don't read it.

So, while you are reading this and that, I will be writing the other. Some things just make more sense at 5:00 pm than they did at 5:00 am.


PS - This whole thing will never make sense!

We learned (during the great Anthrax Episode) that Duct Tape, plastic sheets and plenty of water should be included in every home's emergency preparedness kit. That way, when the threat level gets high enough, you can seal yourself off fron biological threats by Duct Taping yourself with plastic sheets and water (include an empty bucket and a radio) into the spare bedroom and wait to hear the all clear sounded.

As a result of this, the taped duck should become the icon for security level over-the-top-neon-red-high-alert. When things get that tough, we really need a little humor...

Oh yeh... About the fences. Robert Frost told us that "Good fences make good neighbors". I can go with that. Especially since you might be able to pump enough volts through the fence to keep the screaching moonbats out of the bog!

If you must be on the road this weekend, Drive safe. I can't afford to lose anybody that reads this drivel. It's an ego thing!

Peace and all good,

the Frog

PS - The picture below also answers the old question (from WWW I vintage song), "How you gonna keep'em down on the farm..." if they live in a portion of the country known as "Tornado Alley". Back to you, Debris Trail!


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