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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More to celebrate... July! Like all eMail this is backwards. What The Frog's response to the email that came before (which is printed after {which is why I'm so confused}) and is below the Frog's response. This whole thing comes under the heading of 'Technolgy Challenges Logic'. Logically speaking...
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What's an evolution. I think, maybe that sounds like something we did in the military. Being a basic Franciscan sort (now - as opposed to a mostly heathen sort then), we are all brothers. We are created from the same dust and animated by the same Holy Spirit. Like it or not, I'm afraid that means that I am also brother to Dastardly Dickie Durbin and Petulant Little Teddy Kennedy. That doesn't mean that I like them (wow-what a master of understatement-sometimes my eloquence amazes even me). Of course, they might not much care for being kith and kin to a conservative green frog. Every family has members that really belong in a closet, a dungeon, an asylum and definitely somewhere else. I may not like them, but the freedom thing is a 2 edged sword and I have to put up with them. I may be willing to fight them to death over what they say, but I am also willing to defend to the my death their right to say it.

A conservative will fight to the death. A Demorat (there are still a few admirable liberals{non Demorat-I mean real liberals}, but they are getting fewer and farther between) will fight until it doesn't feel good anymore.

Something to be cheerful about on both sides of the border is that we can pray in directions other than pointed at Mecca and that girls can adorn the beaches in bikinis and not burquas.

So, let's spend 6/30 through 7/5 reveling in freedom and to heck with the politics, semantics and theologics.

God Bless all of North America!

Saluting you from the bog,

Kermit the Green

PS - Here's something to be proud of. There was at least one Division of Canadians that we were side to side with on the beaches of Normandy! That's something we can all cheer about.

PPS - I got the dreaded red X with no pictures at the /libratas link.

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Paul wrote:

So, you think frogs are pretty smart eh! You'll to see where on the evolutionary scale you fit in with Libratas Americana:

Happy July 4th to you.... we are celebrating our sad sad Liberal country on July 1st; not a lot of cheering among us conservatives.


m m m m (debris trail)


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