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Friday, October 03, 2008

This tirade is brought to you compliments of an eMail from my cousin __(name)___. If you are on her list, you have probably already received her eMail. For those of you not on her list, you migh want to read the eMail from her before you read my response. If you do not/or have not read it before reading my response, you might get the idea that she has tendencies that are elitist and not populist and that she may need serious psychiatric couselling.

_(Frog's)___ thoughts on the as yet undisclosed topic start here.

1) Am for the public execution of the greedy Wall Streeters including the folk at Freddy and Fanny MAE or whatever the crap they were called. Preferably, flail the SOBs to death with golden parachutes!

2) As for the thousands of employees... tough shit. If my employer is involved in something morally reprehensible - Then - ergo - I am involved in something morally reprhensible. If I am looking at my moral compass (I do have one!) I will quit the job and do something legitimate. Compared to the wall street/mortage broker crowd, this could be as simple as selling snake oil for the pharmaceutical industry. Or, perhaps becoming an osteopath on the payroll of an abortion clinic in East Harlem. I have discovered myself working for morally reprehensible folk. And, I have changed jobs and careers.

3) And I have the same unbridled sympathy for the damned fools that were stupid enough to take loans so big that they could never be paid off short of winning a multmillion dollar lottery. Well, actually more sympathy for them. There need be no public execution. They will be out of the gene pool when they freeze to death in the cold.

I have already written my entire Washington Delegation several times. I also have been calling each Congressman on the phone, at least bimonthly, for the past 2 years. The aids answering the phone now start with, "Oh, Hi ___(Frog)___". They do that because I asked them all to please stop calling me Mr or Rev ___(Frog)___. It is my sincere wish that we had 99 more Dr. Tom Coburns on the floor of US Senate. They would all be too busy delivering babies for free in the charity wards of DC hospitals to spend time screwing up the national economy. And by-the-by that makes more sense than endless abortions.

And I say of that, speaking as a previous fetus, who was given birth by a clinically depressed Mother. If Mother had had the right to choose, the world might be short at least one of us creatures in the bunkers, namely me.

Just maybe there are more of us hanging out in bunkers with our "guns and bibles" than you left wing nut jobs had counted on.

Happy to be alive in the bunker

Your favorite cousin,


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On Tue, 9/30/08, ___(cousin's name)____ wrote:

DCNBC (the business channel) has just reported a new poll which shows that more than half of Americans support the 'bailout' (credit recovery) legislation but CNBC says that their email is running 2 to 1 against the legislation and this "vocal minority" is also having it's way with Congress.

"Where are the emails and calls from the majority?" one CNBC host lamented.1. So logon to at: and send your support for the legislation. I just sent the following:

The minority of citizens angry with "Wall Street who got us into this mess" do not realize that for every greedy, obscenely paid corporate big-wig on Wall Street there are thousands of employees of that corporation all over the country who had no say in what their company did with sub-prime mortgages. So let's not throw all the apple barrels on the 'Ship of USA' overboard because of the handful of rotten apples at the top of some barrels -- only to starve when we discover there is no other food on the ship.

Pass the credit recovery legislation now -- before I loose the remaining half of my retirement savings!

2. And then write your Congress-person the same thing.

3. And then send this on to all your friends. It's time the vocal minority gave way to the raging majority! It's time to stop this insanity before we are in another Great Depression.


At Sat Oct 04, 08:28:00 AM, Blogger Grady McMurray said...

With the pack of rats in the congress and the administration, calling them will do very little.

All you receive is a canned answer to your question/complaint that is a meaningless talking point.

The freaks in government have specialized in being evasive and coming up with trite meaningless answers in order to get re-elected.

These people are the lowest form of pond scum.


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