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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A realistic look at Sen. Harry Reid...

...A.K.A. Dingey Harry.

This piece by Sherman Frederick at the Las Vegas Review Journal is a darned good and realistic bit of journalism. It is an even handed portrait of Dingey Harry. It is really worth reading. Good journalism does still exist. It just doesn't seem to exist all over. Enjoy it when you find it!

When Harry met Nancy

In 50-plus months, Nevada voters will march to the polls and replace Sen. Harry Reid, thus ending one of the longer, more powerful political runs in state history.

When it happens, political wiseguys will remember that Sen. Reid's undoing came early in his last term when he became a big shot in the Democratic Party and quickly morphed into someone Nevada voters did not recognize -- his political girlfriend in the House, uber-liberal Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California.

Now, I know that some will take issue with this scenario. They will suggest that because the Review-Journal has been a periodic (some will say constant, but they would be wrong) critic of Nevada's senior senator over the years, I, as publisher of that "conservative rag," am therefore unable to clearly see the future.

In other words, my prediction of Harry's political demise is more hope than insight.

Read the entire piece. Decent journalism concerning political realities happens in some of the most unexpected places.

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