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Sunday, February 19, 2006

It may (or may not) have been noted that...

...the green guy is not a particular fan of the ACLU. The following was posted by Jay at Stop the ACLU. It tends to point out the dangers of life in a litiguous world.

ACLU Blamed for First ‘Real’ TASER Death - from U.S. Newswire

...The Law Enforcement Alliance of America is calling the recent fatal shooting of a knife wielding man in Antioch, Calif. the nation’s "first real TASER death" and that the ACLU of Northern California is to blame.

News reports indicate that Antioch, Calif. police officers were called to the home of 27-year-old Scott Dittman. When Dittman, armed with a butcher knife, allegedly lunged at the officers, he was shot and killed. Facing an armed and dangerous subject, police officers are entirely justified in using lethal force...

The death of Scott Dittman is exceptionally tragic because of the absence of alternatives available to the police officers on the scene. The Antioch police department has TASER less than lethal devices, but news reports quoting police officials suggest the department had suspended the use of TASERs due to the legal and political issues. A controversy LEAA believes was stirred up by the ACLU of Northern California when it issued a misleading and dangerous "study" on law enforcement use of TASERs late last year.

Jay continues... ...I criticise the ACLU for absolutist, and stubborn posititions without regard to consequences. Lets be clear, that this man’s death is not directly because of the ACLU, the idiot lunging at the cop’s with a butcher knife is, and he payed the price for his stupidity. However, the ACLU’s relentless war against TASER is ridiculous, and one can not dismiss that consequences result from giving in to their ridiculous demands...

The frog has got to agree that the ACLU tends toward the looney limb of reality.

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