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Thursday, June 23, 2005

I am so glad...

... that I am not responsible for raising the 'ADULT CHILDREN of OTHER PARENTS'.

When our kids misbehaved certain things happened. Thing number one was that they apologized (and it was required to be sincere) for the misbehaviour. The apology, of necessity, included an action plan to amend the result of the misbehaviour and an action plan to amend the mindset that led to the misbehaviour . Thing number two involved accepting the consequences the misbehaviour. The consequences were always of a mental nature (without the withdrawl of affection - a long talking to) and (frequently) of a physical nature commensurate with the misdeed. Yes, gentle reader, the Frog and the Silly Goose did, upon occaision, resort to the "laying on of hands' (which can be enterpretted as a butt paddling).

When the second most powerful DEMORAT in the United States Senate misbehaves, precious little happens. He doesn't have to apologize for the misbehavior. All he has to do is say that, 'Gee, I'm sorry if I made you feel bad'. Our kids would have loved to have gotten away with a deal like that. And consequences... oh please spare me. The other DEMORATS are rewarding Dastardly Dickie Durbin by giving him lots of publicity. They are going to attempt to give credence to his lies and half truths by having hearings. A lie that is advertised loudly enough and long enough will eventually become the 'THE TRUTH' . Wouldn't it just be simpler to just look at the records? The military is good at at keeping records - nonclassified, day to day records of every nut, bolt, turnip and slice of chicken. And how about the published records and unclassified records of the 'watchdog' agencies that have been watching since the Gitmo Prisoner Compound was put in place?

Aha, but that will never happen because WEEPUBLICANS have the HIDDEN AGENDA that must be uncovered. And it's so easy, because we WEEPUBLICANS seem to be looking for enough backbone to maybe think about acting like a majority!

Do the DEMORATS have an agenda. Darned right they do. Most people reading this are old enough to remember a gent (I believe from the U. of Toronto) named Marshall McCluhan. Yep, that's the guy... "The Media is the Message". They are wearing us WEEPUBLICANS down with B.S. so that when the big guns come out, we will be totally desensitized and it will be easier to make a lie into the truth. You just think that you heard it all after the clean up of Teddy Kennedy's driving record and of Dickie D's cranal-rectal-insertion over Gitmo.

You haven't seen anything until the (pardon-the-expression) DEMORATIC SHITSTORM OVER THE NOMINATION OF A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE GETS STARTED!


Kermit is going to take a nap now...


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